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Crucial Things to Understand About ESTA Visa Application

In case you have been looking for a detailed explanation about ESTA visa application, this savvy lead is purely tailored to help you understand this very clearly. Note that before Visa Waiver Program was introduced, travelers wishing to travel to US had to avail themselves physically to the US embassy before they could be allowed to enter the US. Naturally, this was tedious and time consuming process because one had to locate the location of the USA embassy, que and take quite some time as you answer several questions posed by the staffs of the embassy. Now, the amazing thing is, it is now possible to complete this visa application online and within just 72 hours, you will have received your visa number. If you look at it keenly, you will realize that ESTA Visa application program happens to be one of the most successful luncheons considering that it has helped visitors enter any part of the USA without any hurdles. Out of this wonderful visa program, numerous visitors are beneficiaries of this program for the last ten years.

To start with, it is worth noting that ESTA Visa for the USA has numerous benefits to various people planning to visit the USA in the near future. To grasp this better, there are 38 nations that are members of the Visa Waiver Program and these are allowed to get USA Visas through ESTA. The ESTA visa can be used to travel at any place in the USA, whether you want to tour to NY, Chicago or California, your visa will be free from any kind of restriction meaning you can travel anywhere including Hawaii and Alaska. In spite of the fact that a visitor is given a US stay limit of 90 consecutive days, this visa is valid for a time of 2 two years since the date of issue. This means that for a period of two full years, you will be free to visit US without going the visa re-application process every time you are touring the USA. The good part of this visa application process is it is very convenient to everyone as long as one can access the internet. It is a solution to the many issues that faced US visa application using the regular channels. This implies that you can apply for the USA ESTA visa at any place and at any time of the day and within a precise time of 72 hours, your visa number will be ready.

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